Employment Information

Free ACAV Telephone Advisory Service

For any issues relating to staff employment, as an ACAV member, you have access to:


We have partnered with ChildHR to ensure that ACA members have the right tools for a compliant and sector consistent approach to managing HR. You can select a 30 day trial, free entry level service or a paid subscription that gives you more. Please feel free to call ChildHR to discuss your options on 03 9098 4318.

Employee Assistance Program

ACA Victoria/Tasmania members have access to a member offer for an Employee Assistance Program with Acacia EAP, who operate 24 hours a day to be available to assist employees with confidential counselling and support.  There is also a wealth of guidance, on a wide range of topics, in their Portal which you can access when you sign up.

Members can opt into the EAP and pay only for the sessions your employees access, as per the fees set out in the schedule in the ACA VIC-TAS Acacia Connect Guide and Opt-in form. Normally there is a compulsory administration fee, which Acacia have waived for our members.

Another option is to pay an annual administration fee ($500) as well as the fee per session, which will give you additional benefits which include reports and hard copy collateral. As you can see from the sample report, this is an option that may appeal to larger employers who would like to identify common concerns among their staff with a view to taking preventative measures.

More information about the safety net that opting into the Acacia EAP gives you can be found in the ACA VIC-TAS Acacia Connect Guide and Opt-in form.

Video explaining the program (received when you opt into the program)

If you would like to make this safety net support available for your team, please fill out page 4 of the Guide (Opt-in enrolment form) and send it to clientsupport@acaciaconnection.com 

If you have any other queries, please contact Helen Moore at Acacia EAP on 0414 059 165.


Parental Leave

Parental Leave entitlements are provided for in the National Employment Standards, Division 5

Disciplinary matters and Termination of Employment

The Fair Work Ombudsman has much information on these issues. Some of the more essential information can be accessed here. We also suggest you ring the Telephone Advisory Service if you have any queries - see above

For more information about employing staff, please visit the Fair Work Ombudsman

Long Service Leave

Safety in the Workplace

Discrimination and Bullying

Union Right of Entry